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Tips On How To Engage You Two-Year-Old And Keep Them Happy

Most families find joy in their homes the moment they welcome a new child. It’s even more fun when you watch the child grow from one stage to the other. This does not last for long because at age two the child starts to develop some character traits. Age two is considered, terrible two read more, since the child become rowdier and cannot be controlled which stresses the mother. To avoid this you can plan some activities which can help keep the child busy and happy.

One of the activities you can engage your kid at is visiting the zoo or the museum. This allows the child to learn more and also get entertained. You can have a membership to these places so that you can get the best rates. Plan to visit the zoo or museum within the most convenient time for you and your family members. If you plan to be there the entire day, make arrangement on how or where you will have your lunch and dinner in case you get late. Do not leave out drinks and snacks when you go to the zoo or museum.

Set a play date with other mum who has kids at the age of two. Make sure that you are familiar with the other mothers when you go out for your kid’s play date. This is for security reason especially when you decide to go out to the playground with the kids. Ensure that you can see the kids every other second as you catch up with the moms.

Don’t postpone or delay shopping for grocery or other items because you have a toddler, instead take them with you. Don’t be strict to the child once you get to the store, rather allow them to pick some grocery for you and put them on the basket. Assist the kid in pushing the cart as you are picking the items. Get them on or two items which keeps them happy in the store so you can have an easy time going with them at the store. Apart from this you can help the kid in counting or learning some new terms, this is very interesting.

Lastly, you can engage the kid on some of the indoor activities. This can only be achieved when you allow yourself to go to the child’s level. It’s fun when you play with the kid indoor using their toys like the ball or the car. Also, teach your child how to make a tower using the wooden buildings blocks and destroy them to allow the child to make theirs. You cannot be bored when you engage in several activities with the child which makes both of you laugh.

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